About VPMA

Established in 1948, the Virginia Pest Management Association has been serving the information and business needs of Virginia's pest management professionals for nearly 70 years. The pest management services provided by our members in Virginia help to protect the health and property of every citizen of the Commonwealth by insuring that homes, restaurants, hospitals, office buildings, and other public spaces are pest free. VPMA strives to achieve our mission working jointly with regional pest control associations and the National Pest Management Association.

Mission & Vision Statements

VPMA Vision Statement
The vision of the Virginia Pest Management Association is to be recognized by the public and the pest industry as the premier resource for supporting the pest management profession.

VPMA Mission Statement
The mission of the Virginia Pest Management Association is to promote ethical and environmentally responsible pest management practices among our members through education, coalition and professionalism to safely protect the general public.

VPMA Bylaws
Virginia Pest Management Association Code of Ethics

Virginia Pest Management Association
Code of Ethics
(Article XVI)

The membership shall observe the following Code of Ethics.

  • To uphold the standards of this Association.
  • To hold our industry in high esteem and strive to enhance its prestige.
  • To maintain high company standards of moral responsibility, character, and business integrity.
  • To practice fairness, frankness and honesty in all advertising and in all transactions with the general public.
  • To keep the needs of our clients always uppermost.
  • To know the accurate costs of all services performed and responsibilities assumed in the prevention, control, elimination or management of pests and demonstrate a determination to recoup those costs and to profit from the effort.
  • To render pest control services safely and efficiently in keeping with good practices, and to observe them in both letter and spirit.
  • To perfect our skills and business practices.
  • To cooperate with others in the interchange of knowledge and ideas for mutual benefit.
  • To respect the reputation and practice of other pest management operators but to expose to the Association, without hesitation, illegal or unethical conduct of other firms.
VPMA Represents
  • Approximately 250 member companies
  • 3,000 Pest Management Employees
  • $250 million in revenue in Virginia
Benefits VPMA Provides
  • Industry Training, Certification & Continuing Education - VPMA makes available high level training that provides Pest Professionals with the continuing education training required by the Virgini Department of Agriculture, Office of Pesticide Services for a Pest Management Professional to maintain their applicator license. In addition, VPMA's training exceeds the state requirements in both technical content and business development content that encourages the development of strong business utilizing the latest in technical tools, knowledge and practices.
  • Professional magazine - The PMP Reporter, a premium 24 page publication, keeps members up-to-date on current happenings on a quarterly basis.
  • Scholarships - Students who are working on new technologies in urban pest management are awarded scholarships twice a year. VPMA has issued nearly $100,000.00 in scholarships since 1977.
  • Legislative lobbying - Lobbyists monitor and influence legislation and how it affects the pest management industry and its customers.
  • Regulatory representation - VPMA attends all meetings of the Pesticide Control Board and communicates closely with the Office of Pesticide Services in matters dealing with education and regulations of pest management professionals.
  • Dispute resolution services for homeowners and pest management professionals. For more information on beginning a grievance procedure, please click here.

VPMA Leadership

VPMA Board

President: Nick Lupini

2610 East Parham Road
Richmond, VA  23228
Telephone: 804/737-7777
Loyal Termite & Pest Control Co., Inc.

Immediate Past President: Beth Duncan

P.O. Box 1565
Mechanicsville, VA 23116
Telephone: 804/550-5657
Exeterminating Unlimited, Inc.

Vice President: Rhonda Elmore

P.O. Box 12
Lawrenceville, VA 23868
Telephone: 434/848-9800
Commonwealth Exterminators, Inc.

Secretary: Keith McCormick

2500 Encounter Court
Virginia Beach, VA 23453
Telephone: 757/425-0855
A-Active Termite & Pest Services

Treasurer: Brian Delaney

7426 Alban Station Blvd., #B216
Springfield, VA 22150
Telephone: 703/440-8000
Fax: 703/440-8523
ProTech Pest Control of Virginia

National Representative: Neal Straker

7426 Alban Station Blvd., #B216
Springfield, VA 22150
Telephone: 703/440-8000
ProTech Pest Control of Virginia

Allied Director: Jason Leonard

2251-A Dabney Rd.
Richmond, VA 23230
Telephone: 804/355-1900
Fax: 804/355-3982
Forshaw Inc.

Director: Charlie Church

P.O. Box 6066
Norfolk, VA 23508
Telephone: 757/489-8610
Fax: 757/489-8612
Getem Termite & Pest Control

SVPMA Liaison: Kristi Crutchfield

2336 Peters Creek Rd., NW
Roanoke, VA 2401
Telephone: 540/562-2201
Fax: 540/562-2205
Superior Exterminating Co. Inc.

Director: Calvin Kennon

5086 S. Amherst Hwy
Madison Heights, VA 24572
Telephone: 434/929-0314
Specialty Exterminating Co.

Director: John Reid


544 Central Drive, Suite 106
Virginia Beach, VA 23454
Telephone: 757/270-3338
Accel Pest and Termite Control LLC


NOVA Pest Management Association Liaison: Ray Mitchell

P.O. Box 1124
Newport News, VA 23602
Telephone: 844-234-7378
Mitchell Pest Services

Central Virginia Pest Management Association Liaison & Director: David Outhous

P.O. Box 9497
Richmond, VA 23228
Telephone: 804/266-4608
RichPro Pest Management, Inc.

Director: Anthony Sfreddo

9160 Prince William St.
Manassas, VA 20110
Telephone: 703/368-8000
Fax: 703/368-8626
Triple "S" Termite & Pest Control


Director: Bryan Vaughan

2610 East Parham Rd.
Richmond, VA 23228
Telephone: 804/737-7777
Loyal Termite & Pest Control Co., Inc.


Tidewater Pest Control Association Liaison: George Wright

P.O. Box 6798
Chesapeake, VA 23323
Telephone: 757/892-4913
1st Choice Pest Control

VPMA Committees

Association Outreach

Chairperson: Beth Duncan
Members: Kristi Crutchfield, Brian Delaney, Ray Mitchell, Dave Outhous

Blue Sky Committee

Members: Brian Delaney, Neil Straker

Compensation Committee

Chairperson: Beth Duncan
Members: Gena Lupini, Brian Delaney

Constitution & Bylaws

Chairperson: Keith McCormick

Education & Training Committee

Chairperson: David Outhous
Members: Andrea Coron, Nick Lupini, Stacy Durfee, Dr. Eric Smith, Dr. Dini Miller, David Moore

Encapsulation Ad-hoc Committee

Chariperson: Kevin Kordek
Members: Kristi Crutchfield, Tom Mares, Keith McCormick, Don Lenegar, Nick Lupini, Ray Mitchell

Finance Committee

Chairperson: Brian Delaney
Members: Jack Broome, Pete Smith

Grievance Committee

Chairperson: Charlie Church
Members: Local Association Presidents or their local grievance chair

Information & Technology Committee

Chairperson: Tony Sfreddo
Members: John Adkins, Don Lenegar, Frank Petrov

Legal & Legislative Committee

Chairperson: Kevin Kordek
Members: Dave Boose, Bert Dodson, Joe Wilson

Membership Committee

Chairperson: Jason Leonard
Members: Dave McCormick, Jason Leonard

Nominating Committee

Chairperson: Neal Straker
Members: Brian Delaney, Marcus Johnson, Jason Leonard, David McCormick, John Singletary

Public Relations Committee

Chairperson: Keith McCormick
Members: Brian Delaney

Safety Committee

Chairperson: Charlie Church
Members: Jack Horsley

Scholarship Committee

Chairperson: Rhonda Elmore
Members: Beth Duncan, Gena Lupini, Jeff Hudson, Tony Sfreddo

Supplier Relations

Chairperson: Jason Leonard
Members: Charlie Church, Scott Etheridge

WDI Committee

Chairperson: John Reid
Members: Kristi Crutchfield, Craig Duncan, Ray Mitchell

VPMA Past Presidents

1948-1950 Luther M. Church, Sr.
1951 Henry Glasco *
1952 Orvis Griggs *
1953 O.O. Alexander *
1954 John Hatcher *
1955 L.C. Leonard *
1956 B.F. Dodson *
1957 C. Eley Cole *
1958 Luther M. Church, Jr. *
1959 Lamarr Fry *
1960 Lee Chambers *
1961 Richard E. Rottler *
1962 Charles C. Barnes *
1963 Cliff Cross, Jr. *
1964 George L. Aldridge *
1965 James D. Moore *
1966 George Brauburger *
1967 George Gardner *
1968 William E. Roll
1969 - 1970 Earl S. DuVal*
1971 James B. Edwards
1972 - 1974 Robert L. Connor, Sr.
1975 Ralph E. Hughes
1976 John P. James
1977 John C. Crawford
1978 Alfred M. Loyall, Jr.*
1979 William W. Church *
1980 Joe Lupini
1981 Robert L. Connor, Sr.
1982 Robert A. Humphrey *
1983-1984 Samuel F. Hayes
1984-1985 Bobby Houchins
1985-1987 Joe R. Wilson
1988-1989 Ron Chaney
1990-1991 David R. Boose
1992-1993 Don Sublett
1993-1995 Ed Connor
1996-1997 Richard C. Whitman
1997-2000 Charlie Church
2000-2002 Kevin Kordek
2002-2004 Jim Lincoln
2004-2006 Barry Robinson
2006-2008 Brian Delaney
2008-2010 Jerry McLawhorn
2010-2011 Jeffrey M. Johnson *
2011-2014 Gena Lupini

* denotes deceased

VPMA Industry Lifetime Stewardship Award Recipients

Every other year, in even years, VPMA gives the Virginia Pest Management Industry Stewardship Award to recognize an individual for their outstanding service and dedication to the Association and the pest management industry. If you would like to nominate an individual to receive this award please click here to read the guidelines and a nomination form.

Below please find a list of our prestigious award recipients. 

Click here for to nominate

David Boose (1998)

Joe Wilson (1999)

Joe Lupini (2000)

Dick Whitman (2001)

Bert Dodson, Jr. (2002)

Bobby Houchins (2003)

Charlie Church (2004)

John James (2005)

Dr. Eric Smith (2006)

Kevin Kordek (2007)

David McCormick (2008)

Brian Delaney (2009)

Ron Chaney (2010)

Jeff Johnson (2011)

Jerry McLawhorn (2012)

Andre Perdue (2013)

Dr. Dini Miller (2014)

Association Partners
VPMA Executive Staff

Andrea Coron is the Executive Director of the Virginia Pest Management Association. She began working for VPMA in 1994, after working for five years in non-profit association management and meeting planning. She has a B.S. degree in business administration and a Masters degree in education. She has coordinated all educational programming for the Association, including the IPM in Schools training Workshops, the VPMA Wood Destroying Insect Inspector Certification Program, the Master Technician Workshop Series and the Jeffrey M. Johnson ACE Prep Course.

Kristin Coron serves as the Associate Director of the Virginia Pest Management Association. She specialized in not-for-profit program coordination and development before joining the Virginia Pest Management Association. Since 1996, she has been involved in all aspects of managing the Association, but concentrates her efforts on membership relations, publication development, finance, and newsletter management.

VPMA Leadership Enrichment Action Program (LEAP).
is a new and innovative leadership development program. The innaugural class of professionals will get a fresh take on leadership skills which can be put to immediate use in any size company, department or even in their personal lives. Submit your application to be part of this group of exceptional new leaders by August 1, 2018.

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