November 15, 2023
2:00PM - 3:30PM

VPMA STM Admin Webinar: Pest Control Jargon - Connecting Admin Staff to the Work of Your Business

A webinar that equips your staff to grow your business!

Zoom Webinar

Pest Control Jargon: Connecting Admin Staff to the Work of Your Business – Richard D. Spigler, III, BCE, BASF

As oftentimes the first company representative that a customer encounters, it is important for admin staff to have a baseline understanding of pest vocabulary and issues that your customers face. Admin staff's ability to use the same vocabulary as your techs and confidently speak about pests and how they are controlled gives your customers confidence in your company's ability to control their issues. This session will give an overview of common structural pests. Attendees will learn a little identification, a little biology, and some habits of common pests. In addition, we’ll discuss the key questions that will help admin staff direct calls to the correct department and manage customer expectations. We will also discuss ways to calm customers’ fears.

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