Already WDI Certified?  Use this training to recertify your VPMA WDI Inspector status!

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VPMA Certified WDI Inspectors must recertify every 2 years. To maintain your certification you can take this live webinar, or take the static VPMA WDI Inspection Recertification course available on NPMA's Online Learning Center. We recommend this live webinar to get the full benefit of trainer interaction and updated instruction on completing the form! If your certification has expired you can renew it by taking the course and passing the exam. If your certification has not expired, you will not need to test and can leave the Webinar after the training portion is completed - around 2:30pm.

VPMA WDI Inspector Status Expired? Renew it now!
You can renew by taking this webinar, and passing the online exam immediately following. If you recently took the static online recert course, call us to gain free access to this event with have info on the revised NPMA-33 form! If your WDI Certification has expired, you will need to take and pass the exam at the end of the training event. You should plan to be engaged until 4:00 pm.

 Bonus! Register for this course and receive a coupon code or a free registration to the VPMA Spring Tech Training Camp designed to prepare technicians for a successful Spring season! While the Tech Training Camp will not provide recertification credits, this education will pay off as your techs hit the ball out of the park this season!

Event Date 03-24-2021 8:00 am
Event End Date 03-24-2021 4:00 pm
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Cut off date 03-23-2021 9:00 am
When: March 30, 2021 - exact times to be announced...
New to VPMA's education offerings, is the Spring Tech Training Camp. Designed to get our technicians ready for the season, this 5-hour virtual meeting will present topics focused on mechanical tasks and safety. Send your technicians to Camp and ensure they are geared up for a successful season!
The agenda is being developed now. Please watch your inbox for more information about this completely unique and applicable training. While it will not provide recertification credits, this education will pay off as your techs hit the ball out of the park this season!

$15 for Members; $35 for non-members

FREE to VPMA members who register for Master Technician: Termites or WDI Certified Inspector! A coupon code will be emailed to you upon registration for one of these popular training programs.

Event Date 03-30-2021
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VPMA Recertification Webinar TrainingVPMA Recert Webinar Flyer May 29


When: April 8, 2021, 7:45 am - 2:00 pm
Cost: VPMA Members $45/Non-Members $75
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Webinar-based, live-streaming recertification webinars brought to you by VPMA Gold Education Sponsors! Special thanks to the distributors among our Gold Sponsors, who worked with us to develop this program:                                      


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Since in-person meetings are still not an option, two webinar training events on April 8th and May 4th have been created to keep your technician's trained and to provide opportunities to obtain recertification credits prior to the June 30th deadline. VDACS recertification credits have been applied for in categories 7a, 7b, 8 and 60, as well as DC, MD, NC & WV.

Agenda includes a VDACS Update and the following sessions:

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Residential Mosquito & Tick Management presented by David McCormick of Syngenta Professional Products, this session will cover the biology, habitats and conducive conditions of common mosquito species and ticks. The role of mosquitos as vectors and the types of diseases they spread will be reviewed. Chemical applications for mosquito and tick control, as well as IPM techniques for population reduction will be covered. Equipment handling and mixing, and PPE and pollinator protection will also be emphasized.

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A Comprehensive Approach to RPM Rodent Control presented by Trisha Shellenberger of Bell Laboratories, this session will provide a comprehensive Rodent Pest Management (RPM) approach to effectively protect public health and mitigate economic losses. Understanding the biology, behavior, senses and capabilities of three typical commensal rodents will allow PMPs to conduct rodent inspections that will lead to effective control measures including harborage reduction, rodent proofing, baiting and trapping and mechanical devices to achieve initial population knock-down, and subsequent monitoring and maintenance baiting programs.

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Controlling Filth Flies
presented by Nathan Narsh of Brandenburg, this session will provide an overview of the most common filth flies of structures, their biology, behavior and development. What to look for when planning a filth fly program during the inspection process and implementing control techniques, including insect light traps for flying insect control programs will be covered.

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Successful Termite Inspections and Baiting presented by Jessi Allen of Corteva, in this session, attendees will hear helpful tips for termite inspections and an outline of basic termite biology. By using good inspections and understanding biology, implementation of a successful baiting strategy can be achieved. Attendees will learn about baiting techniques and tactics to add to their toolbox for termite control. Termite management relies on good inspections, understanding biology and using the right tools for the job. 

Recorded sessions of previously presented content will be shared during this live-streaming event.

Event Date 04-08-2021 7:45 am
Event End Date 04-08-2021 2:00 pm
Capacity Unlimited
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Cut off date 04-08-2021 7:00 am

VPMA Master Technician Series Goes Online!

Don't miss this opportunity to see what Dr. Miller of Virginia Tech sees through her instructor microscope as she and her graduate students lead you through Termite ID, Biology and Treatment Methods during this 2-part online learning event February 23rd and 25th!

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