Spring Recertification Webinar Series

VPMA Spring 2024 Recertification Webinar Series - presented on April 17th, May 15th, and June 20th

The Virginia Pest Management Association is presenting a Spring Recertification Webinar Series in April, May, and June. If you need recertification credits, or just great training, in a convenient virtual format register for one of the three webinars. Recertification credits have been applied for in 7A, 7B, 7D, 8, and 60 in Virginia, Maryland, North Carolina, Pennsylvania, and Washington DC, West Virginia. The same content will be presented in each webinar, so you only need to attend one webinar to earn credits.

Each Webinar will include the following sessions:

Mosquito Biology and Treatment Strategies presented by Richard D. Spigler II, BCE, BASF
Mosquitoes are the deadliest animal in the world. The spread of disease through their bites affects millions of people around the world. While we don’t have malaria and some other tropical diseases here in Virginia, they are still a health hazard. I will cover their unique life cycle, the species of importance in the Mid-Atlantic, the diseases they do carry, and treatment plans for this insect. There are many strategies and products to use against both larval and adult mosquitoes. I will also discuss inspections, sales strategies, and treatment schedules that can be utilized in providing Termite service to customers.

Flies: Friends or Foe? presented by Nathan Narsh, Forshaw
Join us for an informative educational session focused on pest management strategies for fly control. This session will delve into various aspects crucial for the effective control of pest flies, including behaviors, hazards posed by pests, inspection techniques, sanitation practices, the importance of Integrated Pest Management (IPM) using Insect Light Traps (ILT's), documentation and record keeping, and treatment techniques.

Adding Wildlife to Your Pest Control Business presented by Marcus Johnson, Target
This webinar will provide the attendees with a basic understanding of the most common nuisance wildlife species found around residential and commercial structures. I will provide a background on the impact and significance of wildlife and wildlife-associated diseases. I will discuss regulations and safety practices. I will provide an understanding of the biology and behavior of several nuisance species and their significance. I will cover strategies and tips on trapping, exclusion, and removal.

Termite Behavior & Baiting for Control presented by Jared Miller, Corteva
In this session, participants will learn about termite biology, behaviors, and how baiting controls subterranean termite species. The session will start with termite biology, leading to how termites behave in our environment. Then the session will go over conducive conditions and inspections, and end with how baiting controls termite species, and how to successfully implement a baiting program.

A VDACS Update will also be presented.

Upcoming events are listed below, if they are scheduled.

Cost: VPMA Member $65 - Non-member $95

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