VPMA Industry Lifetime Stewardship Award Recipients

Every other year, in even years, VPMA gives the Virginia Pest Management Industry Stewardship Award to recognize an individual for their outstanding service and dedication to the Association and the pest management industry. If you would like to nominate an individual to receive this award please click here to read the guidelines and a nomination form.

Below please find a list of our prestigious award recipients. 

David Boose (1998)

Joe Wilson (1999)

Joe Lupini (2000)

Dick Whitman (2001)

Bert Dodson, Jr. (2002)

Bobby Houchins (2003)

Charlie Church (2004)

John James (2005)

Dr. Eric Smith (2006)

Kevin Kordek (2007)

David McCormick (2008)

Brian Delaney (2009)

Ron Chaney (2010)

Jeff Johnson (2011)

Jerry McLawhorn (2012)

Andre Perdue (2013)

Dr. Dini Miller (2014)

Jack Broome (2016)

Gena Lupini (2018)

Jim Lincoln (2020)

Beth and Craig Duncan (2022)