Calling on Virginians to observe April as Virginia Pest Management Month, Governor Terrance R. McAuliffe encouraged the public to understand and appreciate that "pest management professionals help protect Virginia's food supply, homes and the environment from disease and pest related illness by practicing environmentally friendly pest control methods".

In a statement released on April 12, 2014 to the Virginia Pest Management Association (VPMA), the Governor said he applauded the efforts of those in the professional pest management industry for their efforts to protect homes and businesses from the damage caused by pests.  "Effective pest management in homes, businesses, and public places throughout our Commonwealth is an important factor in maintaining the health and well-being of all Virginians," wrote Governor McAuliffe.  

In his statement, the Governor applauded members of the Virginia Pest Management Association for providing strong leadership for professional pest management in Virginia and he recognized VPMA members for their efforts to advise Virginia citizens on protecting their health and property from pests.

The VPMA is a nationally recognized association of pest management professionals throughout Virginia that has been at the forefront of consumer programs promoting the highest levels of professionalism, training and ethics in the structural pest management industry.

"As Governor McAuliffe said, protecting consumers from the potential dangers of pests is of utmost importance, and is in fact, our association's number one priority - that's why we created the Certified Wood Destroying Insect Inspector program and our Master Technician School," says Gena Lupini, VPMA's President.  "Equally important is the need to educate consumers about the services our members provide, so that they can feel confident in selecting and hiring a pest management professional to help solve their pest problem."

Selecting a professional pest management company is an important part of protecting people's health and property.  As such, VPMA offers the following guidelines for choosing a professional to resolve pest problems:

Membership in VPMA is a good indication that the pest management company has access to up-to-date technical information and is committed to further education on all aspects of pest management practices and techniques.

If you need an inspection for termites or other wood destroying pests request that only a VPMA Certified Wood Destroying Insect Inspector perform this service. VPMA Certified WDI Inspectors have undergone extensive classroom training in addition to their field experience and have passed a comprehensive examination to qualify for this designation. In addition, periodic retraining is required to maintain certification.


Buy value, not price.  Be wary - what appears to be a real bargain may require a second consideration.

Reach a complete understanding with the pest management company you've contacted before the work begins.  Find out about the pest, how the problem will be treated, the duration and frequency of treatment and what results can be expected.  Be knowledgeable about the treatment method prescribed for your particular problem.

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VPMA is a professional organization of approximately 250 member companies employing over 3000 people throughout Virginia and generating over $280 million in annual revenues.  It is dedicated to promoting the interests and general welfare of the pest management industry and to supporting scientific, technical and business research in the areas of pest management.  For more information, please call our Executive Director, Andrea Coron, at 877/875-8722 or visit our website at