Governor Signs Bill to Improve Small Business Efficiencies

This afternoon, Governor Terence R. McAuliffe, surrounded by Delegate David Bulova (D – 37th District) and representatives of the Virginia Pest Management (VPMA), signed into law House Bill 1516 which allows for the use of remote trap checking technology to determine if there is wildlife in a trap.

Pest Management and Wildlife Control Professionals provide trapping services to protect homeowners’ properties from nuisance wildlife. Current Virginia law requires trappers to visit their traps daily to satisfy the state required check of a trap. In recent years, remote trap technology products have entered the marketplace that allows the trapper to monitor the trap from a mobile device or office location.  The technology has won positive review from the U.S. Department of Agriculture.

This bill was introduced by Del. David Bulova, at the request of VPMA, and their national partner, the National Pest Management Association, to address the utilization of this advanced technology which is now available. “This bill becoming law is a great example of the legislative process working to benefit small businesses and the consumer in Virginia”, says Beth Duncan, VPMA’s President. With the signing of this bill, Virginia joins Pennsylvania, Georgia, Ohio and Oklahoma in allowing the use of time- and money-saving technology.

“Remote trap technology saves time, fuel costs, and unnecessary emissions while still ensuring a trapped animal is treated humanely”, reports Duncan. “These small efficiencies can make a big difference to the bottom line for small businesses in Virginia allowing them to grow their business’ employment opportunities”.

In addition to pest control services, many professional pest management firms provide nuisance wildlife control programs to their clients. If nature’s uninvited animals are taking up residence in your space, contact a professional pest management company to safely and expeditiously rid you of your unwanted guests.

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