Aegis®-RP Anchor from Liphatech® Provides Bait Station Security

Concrete block is integrated into Aegis-RP bait stations; offers excellent fit and finish

Milwaukee, WI (January 5, 2011) With the introduction of the Aegis®-RP Anchor, Liphatech® has raised the bar on securing rat bait stations in a variety of environments.  This new security offering also improves overall cleanliness and professionalism while eliminating the need for glue, drills, screws or paving stones.  The anchor reduces labor costs because it comes pre-assembled.

The anchor is a 12 ½ lb. concrete block heavy enough to keep the station in place.  Two embedded bolts secure the station to the block; quick-release wing nuts allow for fast cleaning or moving.

Building-grade concrete is used in production of the block, so it looks good from the first day of use.  The Aegis-RP Anchor fits flush against a wall and offers no harborage.  The bait station can only be detached from the anchor by opening the station with the Aegis key.

The Aegis-RP Anchor is available in a carton of two units that weighs 28 lbs.      

For more information about the Aegis-RP Anchor or other Liphatech products and services, call (888) 331-7900 or visit 

About Liphatech

Headquartered in Milwaukee, Liphatech has a long history of advancing the science of rodent control through research and product innovation. Combining the most advanced technology available with the highest level of customer service and technical support, Liphatech delivers solutions that allow pest management professionals (PMPs) to quickly and cost-effectively generate results for both commercial and residential customers.  

Liphatech's product line includes the latest rodenticide solution, FirstStrike® soft bait, and highly palatable rodenticides such as Generation®, formulated with Difethialone - the newest single-feed anticoagulant on the market, as well as Maki®, BlueMaxTM and Rozol®. Liphatech also provides the latest bait station technology with its "fast-to-service" Aegis® line of bait stations. This includes the highly versatile Aegis®-RP with a unique design that allows rodents to "see their exit before entry." Industry research shows that rodents are more likely to enter a bait station and feed sooner when they can see an escape route. For more information about Liphatech and its comprehensive line of rodent-control products, call 888-331-7900 or visit

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