Liphatech® Announces Significant Packaging Changes for Key Rodenticides

New bait packaging allows for improved service and easier handling

Milwaukee, WI (March 13, 2012) Liphatech® is pleased to announce the availability of three of their highly-effective rodenticides, FirstStrike®, Generation®, and Maki® in easy-to-manage quantities for pest management professionals.

Liphatech® Introduces Resolv™ Soft Bait

Liphatech® is pleased to introduce Resolv, the latest rodenticide in Liphatech's soft bait family to Pest Management Professionals throughout the United States. Liphatech, the leader in rodent control technology development, created Resolv using the most advanced formulation with the active ingredient, bromadiolone, as a rodenticide option that is superior to blocks. It's a soft bait that's simple to use, and highly palatable to both mice and rats.

Ants prefer Optigard Ant Gel Bait. See if you will too by trying a free sample from Syngenta

Optigard® Ant Gel Bait has excellent ingestion activity and extended palatability among a wide variety of ants including Argentine, carpenter, ghost and other nuisance ant species. In laboratory tests, worker ants show a preference for Optigard Ant Gel Bait over their regular

J.T. Eaton Debuts Downloads for PMPs

The Pest Control Forms series includes Property Inspection, Site Inspection and Rodent Infestation.

J.T. Eaton & Co. has had a long history of supporting pest management professionals (PMPs), through its many integrated pest management (IPM) tools, informative posters and knowledgeable staff. Now, J.T. Eaton has unveiled three new forms for PMPs to download and use with their customers:


  • Property Inspection
  • Rodent Infestation
  • Site Inspection

Residex & Turfgrass Expanding to Serve You Better

Residex, LLC and Turfgrass, Inc., have officially combined both companies into one business effective November 30, 2010.  The new company will retain both former brands, Residex-Turfgrass into the foreseeable future.  The new headquarters for the combined businesses will be in Novi, Michigan.  Both companies will continue to run as separate businesses until December 31, 2010, and in the New Year, will begin to integrate the businesses into a single seamless operation. 

In the combined business, Chris Donaghy will serve as the company's CEO, and Todd Griebe as the company's President.  Jim Hespe as VP of Operations and Janice Cronin  as  VP of Finance.   There will also be many new organizational additions and promotions announced over the next few months.

"I am excited about the expansion possibilities and the opportunities that the Residex-Turfgrass joint venture will bring to our customers, our employees and the industry.  Residex and Turfgrass were both successful standalone businesses, and now Todd and I get to work together to develop our forward strategies to innovate the future of distribution." stated Chris Donaghy.

The combined entity of Residex-Turfgrass, two proudly American and independently owned businesses, offer over 100 years of excellent customer service, expertise and knowledge, industry support and proven business solutions advice.  Residex was established in 1946 and serves the structural pest industry, while Turfgrass, Inc. was founded in 1970 to service the golf and turf industry.    

"There are great benefits in combining these two highly complementary organizations and product lines.  The synergies realized by this merger will allow us to offer even greater knowledge and value to our customers in a much expanded territory," said Todd Griebe who will serve as President of the newly combined firm. 

Residex's former headquarters, in Roselle, NJ will transition to a regional operations center and a customer service call center.  Additionally, the warehouse will remain in place and continue to serve as a walk-in and delivery location for our customers.  The combination of the businesses takes nothing away from our current or future customers as Residex-Turfgrass will now have 23 walk-in and delivery locations servicing the East Coast and Mid-West regions of the country.

"Unlike other attempts to combine turf and pest distribution, this venture blends two complete sets of respective knowledge and expertise in both disciplines. We won't just dabble in one side of the offerings or the other; we will bring real experience and knowledge to turf (green) and pest operators," said Chris Donaghy, CEO, of the newly formed company.