Liphatech® Introduces Resolv™ Soft Bait

Liphatech® is pleased to introduce Resolv, the latest rodenticide in Liphatech's soft bait family to Pest Management Professionals throughout the United States. Liphatech, the leader in rodent control technology development, created Resolv using the most advanced formulation with the active ingredient, bromadiolone, as a rodenticide option that is superior to blocks. It's a soft bait that's simple to use, and highly palatable to both mice and rats.

Each 12-gram Resolv pouch works in a single feeding. The product is designed for customized dosing – use the exact amount of Resolv necessary – more for heavy infestations, less for maintenance. While providing greater performance than traditional blocks, cost per placement can actually decrease using Resolv instead of traditional rodenticide. With Resolv, you can do more with less.

“Many PMPs have experienced the success of soft bait first-hand,” said Ray Finke, business director – pest management division, Liphatech.  “It seemed only natural to develop soft bait utilizing the most common active ingredient in the market.”

Resolv does not contain wax, so palatability is maximized.  Additionally, taste and efficacy is not affected by extreme heat or cold, and the pouch reduces the chance of crumbling or being translocated. It also does not melt, even in extreme heat, which means less bait replacement and more cost savings.

The Resolv pouch can be used like traditional block bait – it can be quickly and securely fixed on the vertical or horizontal bars of a bait station yet retain aroma and high palatability.  Clean up is easy because the product is readily consumed by rodents and not scattered. 

Resolv is available in a case of two 8 lb. pails or a 16 lb. pail.