New Branding for Syngenta Professional Pest Management

Promotes Solutions "For Life Uninterrupted"                                                                                  

·         New branding highlights the leadership role of Syngenta in the professional pest management industry.

·         Syngenta is dedicated to delivering solutions that support the needs of Pest Management Professionals and others in the industry.

·         Updated visual identity differentiates Syngenta with fresh, bright colors and product logos.

Syngenta Professional Pest Management (PPM) is pleased to unveil its new branding and visual identity "For Life UninterruptedTM." The new brand transformation demonstrates that Syngenta is a committed partner of choice for Pest Management Professionals (PMPs). With its broad product portfolio of innovative, focused solutions and industry experience, Syngenta is well-equipped to help PMPs deliver life uninterrupted to their customers.

"It is the mission of Syngenta PPM to give people confidence that they can conduct their lives uninterrupted by the nuisance of pests," said Bob Goglia, head of marketing for Syngenta PPM in North America. "Our scale and expertise means we excel at creating innovative solutions that tackle problems responsibly. It also ensures people and businesses are treated with consideration, allowing them to quickly get their lives back to normal."

For Life Uninterrupted" is founded on three key messages:

·         The renewed position of Syngenta as a leader in the PPM market

·         The shared resources and expertise of its expanded team, building on the acquisition of the DuPont Professional Products insecticide portfolio in 2012

·         The ability to deliver solutions and help improve the lives of millions of people around the world

As part of its new visual identity, Syngenta also developed new product logos using clean and bright colors to capture the spirit of freshness and professional cleanliness.

"Our products, expertise and leadership will help PMPs address pest challenges quickly and effectively," said Dave Ravel, head of sales for Syngenta Turf & Landscape in North America. "We are committed to delivering innovative pest control solutions and support services to help PMPs succeed in delivering a pest-free environment so their customers can live their lives uninterrupted."

For information about Syngenta Professional Pest Management, please contact the Syngenta Customer Center at 1-866-SYNGENT(A) (796-4368) or visit

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