New website from Syngenta Professional Pest Management provides termite tutoring for homeowners

  • Website will educate homeowners about termites and the effectiveness of Altriset termiticide
  • Visitors can find local pest professionals who use Altriset
  • The proven results of Altriset can protect homeowners from termite damage

Syngenta Professional Pest Management (PPM) has launched a new website,, to help Pest Management Professionals (PMPs) educate their customers about termites and Altriset® termiticide. The website gives PMPs another tool to help increase their termite business by helping homeowners understand termites and subsequent damage they cause.

"Syngenta knows PMPs need more than just effective products to grow their business," said Bob Goglia, head of marketing for Syngenta PPM in North America. "Keeping the needs of professionals in mind, Syngenta is committed to being a partner with PMPs, and is developing tools like the Altriset consumer website so they can reach new customers and raise awareness about Altriset among existing ones."

Key highlights of the website include:

"Termites are a major problem for homeowners throughout the U.S., so Syngenta launched this dynamic website to help PMPs better address this issue and engage their customers," said Goglia. "The website gives PMPs a new tool to share with homeowners, so consumers can better understand and identify termite problems and recognize the benefits of working with professionals who offer Altriset termiticide."

For more information about Altriset and Syngenta Professional Pest Management, please contact the Syngenta Customer Center at 1-866-SYNGENT(A) (796-4368) or visit