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Thank you for purchasing access to the VPMA Certified WDI Recertification Webinar scheduled for March 21, 2021 from 7:45 am – 4:00 pm.

IMPORTANT: EACH REGISTRANT must click here to "pre-register" within the Zoom platform. Once this step is completed each registrant will receive an email containing their own Zoom meeting link to use each day of the event.

It is important that you understand that you are responsible for learning the material in the first 4 chapters of the WDI Inspector Manual prior to attending the workshop. The study questions in each chapter will help to focus your learning.  The material will be summarized at the workshop, but not taught in depth.  You will be tested on the material, so please come prepared!

VPMA WDI Inspector Manual

This training event will be provided through Zoom. We highly recommend that prior to the event, you test the functionality of the Zoom platform on the device you will be using during the training by clicking here.

As long as you have completed your registration through the link provided above, you will receive a reminder email on March 23rd that will instructions for participating in the webinar! It is important that you understand that each attendee must log into the webinar through their own meeting link. This online, live-streaming webinar has a significant visual aspect to it, so simply calling in to listen to the event will NOT earn a participant VPMA WDI Certification nor VDACS recertification credits!

As a thank you for participating in VPMA's Master Technician training we want to provide you with this coupon code: VSTTC2021 that enables you to a free registration to the VPMA Virtual Spring Tech Training Camp - a new type of practical training that gears PMPs up for a successful Spring season! A special exhibit hall will also be available highlighting all the greatest and latest products, tools and services that help you provide great service to your customers!

Please call VPMA at 540/374-9200 with questions.

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