VPMA Certified WDI Inspector Workshop - Springfield

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Event Date 12-05-2017
Capacity Unlimited
Location Connor's Termite & Pest Control
VPMA Certified WDI Inspector Workshop - Springfield

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Purpose of the VPMA Certified WDI Inspector Program: Since termites and most other wood destroying insects are generally hidden from view, it takes a trained professional to carefully detect conducive conditions, to know the habits and patterns of each insect and to pinpoint signs of infestations. Sending a technician out to perform WDI Inspections without this training can lead to missed signs of infestations, inaccurate reports and big headaches for your company.

Carl Falco, the lead trainer of the VPMA Certified WDI Inspector Program, reviews pest identification biology and behavior (self study requirements are required), defines what a thorough inspection involves, leads technicians in discussions surrounding the nuances and gray areas of conducting WDI Inspections and provides step-by-step detail about completing the NPMA-33. At the end of the course attendees take an exam. Upon successful completion of the course and passing of the exam the technician is awarded the voluntary VPMA WDI Inspector certification.

Self-study component: Once registered, each registrant will receive an electronic (pdf) version of the manual to download and read prior to the workshop. Please supply an e-mail address for each registrant. Participants should allow ample time to cover the material independently prior to the workshop. Upon registration, each registrant’s supervisor must sign an agreement indicating they are aware of the self-study component. A copy of the manual may be purchased for $20, including shipping, if you would like to have a bound copy mailed to you, please indicate this on your registration form. Each participant will receive a workbook at the workshop to guide their learning. In addition, a resource card will be distributed to be used as a guide after the workshop as you conduct WDI inspections.



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