VPMA Recertification Webinar Training - June 16, 2021

Event Properties

Event Date 06-16-2021 7:45 am
Event End Date 06-16-2021 2:00 pm
Capacity Unlimited
Cut off date 06-15-2021 8:00 pm

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When: June 16, 2021, 7:45 am - 2:00 pm
Cost: VPMA Members $45/Non-Members $75
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Webinar-based, live-streaming recertification webinars brought to you by VPMA Gold Education Sponsors! Special thanks to the distributors among our Gold Sponsors, who worked with us to develop this program:                                      


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This webinar training event, being held June 16th, has been created to keep your technician's trained and to provide an opportunity to obtain recertification credits prior to the June 30th deadline. VDACS recertification credits have been applied for in categories 7a, 7b, 7d, 8 and 60. Corresponding credits also applied for in DC, MD, NC & WV.

Agenda includes a VDACS update and the following sessions:

Mosquito Control for PMPs presented by Joe Barille, BCE, Bayer, this session  will discuss the basic biology, behaviors and identification of local species; outline what an IPM program of mosquito management includes; compare PMP service to what public mosquito abatement districts provide and set realistic expectations for PMP customers to expect from their service.

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Small Fly Management in Restaurants, Food Facilities and Schools presented by Harry Bryan of Nisus, this session will provide an overview of the most common small flies including Drain flies, Fruit flies, and Phorid flies. We will cover identification, inspection and control methods. Control methods will look at sanitation, drain cleaning and exclusion methods, as well as the EPA-registered products for small flies, their proper application and safety.

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Termite Biology and Termidor Interactions presented by Dr. Jason Meyers of BASF. Occasionally termites throw us for a loop. They complicate situations by showing up in places we didn’t expect. They become difficult to control when we have a multitude of different construction types. We need to be prepared to use all tools in our toolbox. This session will explore the use of both liquid and bait for termite control - and discuss the termite behavior and social system, colony research, and the equipment and products available.basf logobw

Vertebrate Pest Control presented by Dr. Richard Kramer, Kramer Pest Management Consulting. Wildlife continues to be a major issue as DMV growth continues to encroach into the native habitats of our wildlife species.  This session briefly discusses the biology and habits of the major vertebrate wildlife pests in the DMV.  It includes a discussion of management strategies such as trapping, exclusion and where applicable the use of pesticide products.  A discussion of the regulations impacting wildlife management are also covered.

Recorded sessions of previously presented content will be shared during this live-streaming event.